About the SOS Africa Charity

SOS Africa is a UK based grass roots organisation which funds the education and care of underprivileged African children. Since 2003 we have provided 90 disadvantaged children, from grades 1 to 12, with a personal education programme tailored specifically to their needs. This holistic approach enables children to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential.

SOS Africa currently funds the education and care of 39 children and counting...

Our African education charity was founded in January 2003 by Matt Crowcombe, an 18 year old student from Shepton Mallet, Somerset and South African school teacher, Henry Matthews. Matt and Henry were dismayed by the poor standard of free schooling available to local township children. One night, over a bowl of jelly and ice-cream, they developed a plan to establish a scholarship scheme which would empower local children through education. The scheme aimed to provide these children with a holistic education programme including school tuition, after-school care and mentoring, school clothing, equipment and transportation. Since that day, SOS Africa has provided personalised sponsorship programmes tailored to sponsors requirements, providing regular feedback, school reports, photo albums and updates via the SOS Africa Children’s Blog. This grass-roots organisation also guarantees sponsors that 100% of all donations will be invested in the education and care of the children they support.

SOS Africa was founded in 2003 over a bowl of jelly and ice cream...

It began as a small project, but with the help of the local Somerset community and our sponsors across the world, SOS Africa has grown from strength to strength, and now has fully-established offices in both the UK and South Africa. SOS Africa’s strength is that it is a family-run charity with a personal approach to child sponsorship; sponsors, donors and fundraisers can always contact Matt directly in our UK office for updates and information.

The SOS Africa Charity's areas of operation

Throughout our two areas of support in Mafikeng and the Western Cape, each SOS Africa child is provided with the following support:

  • We provide children from the ages of 6 to 18 with a high standard of education and care. The schools we use have an excellent reputation throughout their local communities.
  • To eliminate potential inequalities, SOS Africa provides each child with the school uniform/equipment they are likely to need.
  • After school everyday each child then attends an SOS Africa Aftercare Centre where they will receive lunch, homework assistance, tutoring and swimming lessons. SOS Africa also provides each child with a mentor, with whom they can consult about any day to day problems which they may encounter.
  • The overall safety of our children is a priority. As a result, SOS Africa provides transport for each child, transporting them to and from school safely every day.

SOS Africa now receives invaluable support from a network of volunteers, fundraisers and supporters from across the globe; with this help SOS Africa aims to fund the education, care and welfare of many more underprivileged African township children in the future, in the hope that it will help reverse the cycle of poverty which continues to haunt African societies.

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