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SOS Africa Charity News

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    Portsmouth Student to Cycle 10 Million Meters for SOS Africa 20.Jan.2011

    My name is Greg Smith, and this year I am planning on cycling 10,000 km to raise money for SOS Africa.     FUNDRAISING TARGET: £1,500  CURRENT...

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    First SOS Africa Child Starts High School 17.Jan.2011

      One of the great things about being part of a small charity like SOS Africa, are the many landmarks which we can celebrate as we grow. It seems like only yesterday when we...

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    The New School Year Begins for the SOS Africa Charity Children 16.Jan.2011

    Taking the SOS Africa children for their first day of the new school year always proves to be a memorable occasion, especially when the charity has new...

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    Zambian Swimmer Attempts to Make History for SOS Africa 10.Jan.2011

    It has been said that more people have been in space and climbed Mount Everest than have swam the English Channel. That is not to say that either of these feats are easier, but this...

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    2010: A Wonderful Year for SOS Africa 01.Jan.2011

    2010 has been a truly remarkable year for SOS Africa. During these 12 months, the charity has developed and progressed at an astonishing rate and has really proven what an impact it...


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