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'My Story So Far' by Mavis

07 Mar 2011

Mavis Madie  Mavis's first day at Mafikeng High School

It seems only yesterday that I left my little Village and walked through the Primary School gates to start the biggest adventure of my life – school! I thought I’d always be at my little local school, with it’s many children, all crammed into the one small room, but here I was on my way to a bright future.

My first three years were at the Mafikeng Preparatory School and were wonderful for me. I loved every minute. My teachers Ms. Motladile, Bower and Motswiri were very good to me and I made many new friends. The Stimulus Club introduced me to many things I had never done before. We went camping in Pretoria, I played ten-pin bowling and we slept in a wooden cabin with many beds. I started learning subjects and things I’d never heard of before and was introduced to Afrikaans, one of my country’s main languages and soon to become one of my favourite subjects. So many of my friends were Afrikaans speaking and I really wanted to talk to them in their own language. At the Preparatory School farewell, I was sad to leave but also excited to go to the next stage of my school adventure; I was going to the Mafikeng Primary School.

Mavis's first day at Mafikeng Preparatory School  Mavis at Graduation

I remember being very nervous on my first day at the Primary school, but my Dad was with me and the SOS Africa family and when I saw all my friends were also there, I quickly went into the hall with a smile on my face. Being in Mafikeng Primary School was like a trip of a lifetime, like a happy journey that would never end. I loved my teachers; Ms. Vd Berg, du Plessis, Rost and Keofitletse, who treated me so nicely and taught me so much. I had many happy memories in the four years I attended Mafikeng Primary school, I won some prizes for Afrikaans, but I especially remember the Grade 7 Tour, when I woke up in the morning on one of the days to find that I had been tooth-pasted and although it was embarrassing, it was also very funny.

My time at the Primary school flew past so soon, and after 7 years of junior school, I was headed for Mafikeng High School. My first two weeks of High School were horrible, embarrassing, but great fun as well – as the new students at the school, we were all given ‘special treatment’. For the first two weeks, we had to wear green skirts, long green socks, have eight or more pony-tails. We had to sit on balloons, as well as hold an egg all day. We each had a sign on our backs; ‘I am a Maffie’ and another sign on our front with our names, grade and a baby picture of ourselves. Thankfully all that orientation is now passed and I can settle into some kind of routine at my new High School – no more bossing around at last. This term is going really fast and I am enjoying all the new subjects that I am doing.

Mavis with the SOS Africa family

I am also the ‘Mother-Hen’ of the other SOS Africa children and love playing with them after school at after-care and the various functions we have. I am proud that I am the oldest SOS Africa student and am very grateful to Jenny, Henry and Matthew for all they do for me and the other little ones – I love being part of the SOS Africa gang.

When I finish High School I want very badly to go to University and learn even more. I have another five years ahead of me and I know they are going to fly past as the others have done. I will work hard and do my best because I know that this is a wonderful opportunity for me and my family.

I want to also thank everyone that is helping to support myself and the other 11 SOS Africa children; we really appreciate all you do for us and know that without you we could not go to school and would not have such a nice future.

Mavis Madie

To find out how you can support SOS Africa and help Mavis and the other children we support click here.

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