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An Interview with Mavis, the First SOS Africa Charity Success Story...

23 Feb 2016

SOS Africa Charity co-founder Matt Crowcombe recently had the honour of interviewing Mavis Madie, the charity's first child to complete Matric exams and graduate from High School. During the interview Mavis proudly talks through her experiences and memories as the charity's oldest child and shares some very exciting news about her future...

We are all extremely proud of Mavis who has been an inspiration to both our staff and the 43 other SOS Africa children who will hopefully follow closely in her footsteps. After the interview, we presented Mavis with a special scrap book with images captured throughout the 13 years she was part of the SOS Africa education programme.

News - Mavis Interview 2.jpg  Mavis Completes the SOS Africa Education Programme

We will all miss Mavis and wish her the very best for the future. She has promised to stay in touch and we look forward to seeing her continue progress over the years to come...

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