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Welcome to the SOS Africa Charity News Section. Our volunteers will keep this page regularly updated with non-profit news and developments from our African charity. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages and posts from the SOS Africa Children are frequently uploaded to the 'SOS Africa Children's Blog.' If you have any questions about our African education charity or would like to get more involved, please don't hesitate to contact us...

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    SOS Africa Produces First Appeal Video 16.Nov.2011

      We are writing to you from the SOS Africa office in South Africa where we have just completed a week of filming in preparation for the production of our first ever video...

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    Half Marathon Team Smashes Charity Fundraising Record 26.Oct.2011

      October is always an exciting time of year for the SOS Africa Charity, as after months of training and fundraising, our Half Marathon Team finally takes to the streets of...

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    Incredible People with Inspirational Stories 20.Oct.2011

    When working for a charitable organisation such as SOS Africa, which depends on the goodwill and selfless commitment of its volunteers and fundraisers, it is not uncommon to come...

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    SOS Africa Charity Targeted by Cruel Fraudster 02.Oct.2011

    Please help us warn other charities about this scam by forwarding them a link to this page. Thank You. It is a sad reality of our world that among the many kind and generous people...

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    Why not start up your own SOS Africa Society? 15.Sep.2011

    Since the charity’s founding in 2003, increasing numbers of SOS Africa clubs and societies have been founded to raise awareness and much needed funds for the charity. Over the...