Sponsor a Child in Africa

Sponsoring a child through SOS Africa is a unique and life changing experience, not only for the child but also the sponsor. We strongly believe that by empowering African children through education, you are enabling them to break the cycle of poverty into which they are born.

Sponsor the education of an African child | Sponsor a child in South Africa through the SOS Africa Charity

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Without the help of our sponsors, the children supported by our African charity would have little hope of securing a substantial education; often the only government schools available to these children have large class sizes, limited resources and poorly trained teachers. For children from more developed societies, education is something that can often be taken for granted, but for many African children it is a lifelong dream; by sponsoring an African child through SOS Africa, together we can make these dreams a reality.

The SOS Africa Charity Children's Blog

Sponsors can view regular updates on the SOS Africa Children's Online Blog

Unlike larger African charities, SOS Africa is a UK based, family-run, grass roots organisation. This personal approach enables us to tailor our sponsorship programme to meet the needs of both the sponsor and the African child they are supporting. Whether you are an individual, a group of friends, a business or a school looking to sponsor a child in Africa, SOS Africa provides the following...

  • A Personal Approach – The charity is run by a close group of family and friends.
  • A Holistic Education Programme - Including school tuition, aftercare support, transport, clothing and stationery.
  • Regular Progress Reports - Maintaining strong lines of communication between child, organisation and sponsor.
  • Minimal Charity Expenses – 100% of your donation will be invested in the education & care of the SOS Africa children. UK Expenses are covered by Gift Aid.

Sponsor the education and care of an African child

Option 1 enables you to sponsor the complete education and care of a child in Africa for £50 ($82) per month. This money will ensure that the child supported receives the following:

  • A high standard of education at a local school in partnership with the SOS Africa Education Programme.
  • Aftercare support every afternoon, after school (inc. extra tuition/student mentoring).
  • All necessary school clothing and equipment.
  • Transportation to and from school.
  • Additional student care and support, including counselling when necessary.

In return, we will keep you regularly updated on the child's progress by sending school reports, photo albums, email correspondence and updates via the SOS Africa Children's Blog

 Sponsor the school fees of a child in Africa 

By choosing Option 2, you will sponsor the school tuition of a child in Africa for £20 ($32) per month. This sponsorship will ensure that the child supported receives a high standard of education at a local school in partnership with the SOS Africa Education Programme. In return (with your consent), we will send you the child's quarterly school reports to keep you updated on his or her progress. Correspondence with your sponsored child can also be arranged.  

 Sponsor learning support for a Dyslexic child in Africa

Option 3 enables you to pay for a child with learning difficulties to attend SOS Africa's Remedial Education Programme for £10 ($16) per month. The charity opened it's first Remedial Education Centre at Somerset Methodist School in the Western Cape, South Africa in January 2017. The centre is based within the school grounds and works with their staff to assist the children falling furthest behind. This facility represents the first of many centres which will be established within schools across the country.

Sponsor a child in Africa

When you have chosen your preferred sponsorship option, please Contact Us:

 By email: info@sosafrica.com | By phone: (+44) 01749 344197

By post: SOS Africa, 21 High Street, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5AA

More information about Sponsoring a child through SOS Africa is also available here...

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